7 Tips for Get More Traffic on YouTube

nicolos | 2016-12-30 05:22:16

YouTube is one of the greatest websites that allow you to upload videos, There are plenty people who visit YouTube & view the videos everyday. YouTube in a way can turn out to be a gold mine for internet marketers. In my opinion YouTube is a great place to get targeted visitors. So, how to get more traffic to your YouTube videos?

First there are some video SEO tactics:

1. Transcribe your video. You can either do this yourself or send it off to a transcriber to put your video into text form. This way your keywords are picked up by Google and more users are sent to your site. You can put a link to the transcription below the video blog or just put the text right in your post.

2. Tag all of your video content with appropriate keywords. You can highlight certain words or phrases that you’d like to get picked up in searches, increasing the chances that potential customers or interested parties find your video blog.

3. Keep a video archive. Don’t just throw the videos away. Make sure they are kept in a specific section on your site; this increases click-throughs.

4. The title is important. A lot of times SEO is picked up through the title of the video, so make sure to accurately explain what your video is about in a nice, compact title.

Second, you'll want to make sure you are social:

5. Video should be on YouTube, Facebook, etc. your video should be everywhere.

6. Put your video in your signature: Just one or you overburden the email.

7. Send video newsletter: Putting video in the subject line increases chances of it being opened.

Keep doing it. It's important that you keep sharing your videos (that must be of high quality).